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Privacy Policy

The ‘5G K-Simulator’ place importance on the members’ personal information, and follows the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications”. The 5G K-Simulator will inform you the use of personal information provided by the members and what measures are taken to protect members’ personal information. If the privacy policy is revised, announcement will be notified through the website or individual notice.

This policy is effective from February 01, 2019.

This English translation is provided for your reference only, and is not legally binding. Only a Korean version of this Policy is legally binding.

Collection and purpose of personal information

This site collects users’ personal information for following purpose

  • Membership management

    confirmation of user’s intent to join membership, verification of his/her identity for the use of services, prevention of unauthorized use, etc.

Personal information to be collected

This site collects personal information for registration, service application.
Items to be collected : name, ID, password, contact information(phone number or mobile phone number), affiliation, access log, cookie, access IP
Method : Website(http://5gnew.utonet.kr/main/index.php)

Duration of retention of personal information

This site retains, and handles collected personal information within the period of use or personal information that is agreed upon when collecting personal information from the information subject under the statute.

  • Retained items : name, ID, password, contact information(phone number or mobile phone number), e-mail)
  • Related statute
    • Record regarding contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (The Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
    • Record on collection/process, and use of credit information: 3 years (The Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information)

Procedures for destroying personal information

In principle, 5G K-simulator immediately destroys the personal information after the purpose of collection is achieved. The following are the procedures and methods for destroying

Destruction procedure

The information you enter for sign up, etc., is saved in the database, and the saved personal information is not used for any other purposes except by law.

Method of destruction

Personal information saved in the form of electronic files is destroyed by technical means making the records non reproducible.

Providing personal information

5G k simulator will not use the personal information beyond such scope without the prior consent of the relevant individual, and as a general rule, we will not provide the information to any third party, except as set out below.

  • 1) if the relevant individual consents, in advance, to the disclosure or provision to a third party; or
  • 2) if required by law, or if requested by the law enforcement or competent authority pursuant to the procedures and methods of due process prescribed by applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of a criminal or other investigation. Consignment of collected personal information

Rights of Users

You may at any time access, check or correct your registered personal information. You may also request withdrawal from a membership at any time.
Click change personal information (to check or correct your personal information) and withdrawal membership to unsubscribe.
At your request by phone or email, we will take necessary measures to handle withdrawal requests without delay.
If you request correction of personal information we do not use or provide personal information until you complete your correction. If the wrong personal information has already been provided to the third party, the result of the correction process will be noticed to the third party without delay.
The terminated or destroyed data will be handled as stated in ‘duration of the retention of the personal information’ and processed not to be read or used for other purposes


This site uses cookies to save and find information about members’ account in order to provide customized services to the members. A cookie is a small text file of information about the basic setting of a website, sent by the website’s web server to the web browser of a user of the website, and it is stored in the hard disc of the computer used by you. Cookies are used in this site to analyze the frequency and duration of visits of (non-)members, and to provide services through identification of users' interests and interests. You have an option to accept or refuse installation of cookies. Therefore, you can choose the options of your web browser to accept all cookies, to receive notice when cookies are installed, or to refuse all cookies.

- How to enable/disable cookies on Internet Explorer
* Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
* Click the Privacy tab.
* Under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

2) However, if you refuse cookies, you may not be able to access certain services provided by the web site that requires cookies.

Operation of a Separate Department particularly for the Protection of Personal Information

TFor the efficient protection of personal information, we operate a separate department particularly for the protection of personal information. Further we exert our efforts to correct any problem, if found, through checking items to comply with under this Policy and whether our personal information managers are in compliance with the Policy.

Privacy Department: 5G Openplatform.org
Tel No.: +82)42-350-5472
Email: wit@kaist.ac.kr

We exert our best efforts to help you use our services safely. You can report any complaint on privacy issues in relation to the use of our services, to our privacy officer or a separate department in charge of protection of personal information, and we will respond to your reports promptly and with sincerity.

If any other reporting or counseling is required in relation to infringement of personal information, please contact the following institutions for inquiry.

  • KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency) :
  • Tel No.: (with no preceding number) 118
  • URL : http://www.118.or.kr
  • KAIT (Korea Association of Information and Telecommunication) :
  • Tel No.: 02-580-0533~4
  • URL : http://www.eprivacy.or.kr
  • SPO (Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Republic of Korea) :
  • Tel No.: 02-3480-2000
  • URL : http://www.spo.go.kr
  • CTRC (Cyber Terror Response Center) :
  • Tel No.: 02-393-9112
  • URL : http://www.ctrc.go.kr

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