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5G K-SimPlatform


The 5G K-SimPlatform is designed to provide user-friendly interface and on-line simulation environments. K-SimPlatform consists of two main part ; a web platform and a cloud platform. The web platform provides users an interface and web-based GUI for simulation configurations and simulation results. The cloud platform supports web platform in computing. With cloud computing, computing resources can be dynamically controlled depending on the number of users so that 5G K-SimPlatform is able to accommodate many users at the same time, and provides stable and fast simulation environments.


Cloud platform is composed of two parts ; a VM instance storage and a VM pool. The VM instance storage is designed to save VM images where each images loads source codes of the simulator. The VM pool is a set of computing resources, and each VM instance reads VM image in the VM instance storage to run the source codes. The 5G K-SimPlatform develops a cloud manager to monitor the traffic and schedule VM instances dynamically, which can be realized by transmitting a control command to the VM pool through the cloud SDK/API. The overall structure of 5G K-SimPlatform is illustrated below.



5G K-Simlator

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