• 5G K-SimLink

    Link Level Simulator

    Single link:
    Single cell, Single user

  • 5G K-SimSys

    System Level Simulator

    Multiple links:
    Multi-cells, Multi-users

  • 5G K-SimNet

    Network Simulator

    Core Network

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About 5G K-Sim

5G K-Sim Overview

The fifth generation (5G) communications system is expected to have a complex structure including user equipment, massive IoT sensors, macro cells, small cells, relay nodes, mobile devices, and so on. To cope with diverse scenarios and high complexity of 5G communications system, 5G wireless innovative systems engineering (WISE) research center is developing open-source 5G K-Simulator consisting of 5G K-SimLink (link-level simulator), 5G K-SimSys (system-level simulator) and 5G K-SimNet (network simulator) based on FOM (Flexible, Open, Modular) structure.


Users can replace, modify and add modules to test their simulation scenarios of interest. This makes easy to upgrade 5G K-Simulator by developing additional modules for future features
5G K-Simulator will be released on ‘https://5gopenplatform.org’ along with user manuals. To enhance the user accessibility and resolve the issue on simulation complexity, we also offer web-based graphic user interface (GUI) utilizing cloud computing, named 5G K-Web based Clouding Computing Platform (WCCP).
Each function of 5G K-Simulator is developed as a unit of module. Module-level verification ensures the accuracy of 5G K-Simulator. The mapping modules between 5G K-SimLink and 5G K- SimSys and between 5G K-SimSys and 5G K-SimNet allow end-to-end performance simulations.

Additional Features: 5G K-TestBench

The following figure illustrates an inter-operation between 5G K-Simulator and 5G K-TestBench. Details of information are described  in technical report.

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